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English For Business

Este curso está dirigido a aquellos alumnos que quieran tener un comando efectivo del idioma inglés en torno a los negocios. Durante el desarrollo de los 10 niveles y las unidades respectivas los alumnos trabajarán vocabulario específico de inglés de negocios así como contenidos gramaticales necesarios para expresarse de manera efectiva y fluida. 

Speak Up! Speaking based courses

Practice makes perfect! Let us guide you!

With the Speak up! program we will be tackling vocabulary for different topics, we will be revising grammatical structures if needed, but firstly, we will be boosting your vocabulary and your fluency. Both, formal and informal chat will be part of the course. The teacher will propose a topic (students can do that too) and information about it will be delivered beforehand so that students can feel more comfortable when developing the topic in class. 


  • This course has a duration of 3 months per level. 

Course Load:

  • Two classes per week. 1:30hs each.


  • Right after you purchase this course, we will contact you to set up an evaluation in order to check you have purchased the course correctly.
  • After the evaluation we will inform you of the available schedule for your course.
  • Please select the best Shift for you. (Morning – Midday – Afternoon – Evening)

Learn how to think in English?

In this course we will teach you how to think in English, from baby steps to the big ones, we got a lot to discuss and talk about! We make it simple!

Duration of the course: 6 months, 1:30 per week, once a week.